Be in tune – weekly evening class

Every Thursday from 8 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. Berlin time.

When we are perfectly tuned like a musical instrument, we feel connected, healthy and happy – able to cope with all challenges in life. However, pressure and daily challenges get us out of this perfect tune. If we are out of tune in any way, we feel stressed, lacking in energy or even sick. This is exactly where Naad Yoga comes in. Through the targeted application of sound and music – rhythms, tones and melodies – we have a direct effect on our emotions and moods and bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Experiences with special melodies and rhythms, emotional qualities of individual tones, breathing exercises, meditations, singing of simple mantras, listening.

Online on Zoom

Informations and registration:
phone: 0157 789 420 43